Inventory Management

The inventory management in a 3PL Distribution Center is a critical activity which will determine if the output flow will be efficient or will present problems. 

Clients give us their funds so that we are guarantors that they are in good condition and when presenting a balance, the client knows that what has been reported in reports, its also present physically. 

Nowadays, having an exact inventory can be the main element in a distribution operation which can make a competitive difference in the logistics market. With this we detail the best practices to achieve and maintain the main asset of an operation:

Cyclical inventory

As its name defines it, it is a count of the physical inventories planned to be executed several times during the course of the year or fiscal year. It can be planned according to the need of each company on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. 
Additional variables can be included such as counting by location, family / product franchise and / or by high / low turnover. The combination of frequency and type of counting depends on the industry and the value of the product. 

The main advantage of the cyclic count is the debugging of inventory errors. If a failure of any kind occurs, it is easier to identify, locate, act on and correct these errors at the time of submission rather than letting them accumulate to fully enter together at the end of the year.

Design assortment and replenishment areas

Minimizes the dead time of movement of the distribution process by maximizing productivity and improving inventory control.

Categorization of Products

An adequate categorization helps to locate / identify / classify types of products that allow maximum efficiency in the management of the same, allowing to measure and improve the productivity of your equipment.


The less manipulation in the manual flow, the more accuracy you will have in your inventory and control of it. More and more we have to focus on Automation.

Being able to focus on these 4 points improves the supply chain since it would help to lower costs, allowing programming and coordinating low levels of stock, controlling the processes that do not add value (waste) and maximizing the productivity of the process.


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